Katie Foley – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The St. Petersburg Dali Museum will be displaying artwork from various Mustangs May 6 – August 21.

The Mustangs, junior Beatrice Divinagracia and sophomores Kathleen Montanaro and Sara Majano Perez, were asked to create pieces following the theme of “Metamorphic Moment.”

All participants were free to interpret and design the subject as they wanted.

Majano-Perez’s stoneware ceramic clay piece was titled Memories of the Ante-matter Future. She plans to learn more about the art field throughout high school.

Majano-Perez said, “I started my mug project in Ceramics not knowing about this contest, but I entered after my teacher encouraged me. A lot of my inspiration comes from reading horror Mangas, and I wanted my mug to resemble a snail. While art has always been more of a hobby to me, this has motivated me to explore it as a career.”

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Montanaro’s colored pencil piece was titled The Color Complex. Montanaro wants to continue art as a hobby in the future.

Montanaro said, “Upon entering the contest, I wanted to use this year’s topic of metamorphosis to create a piece that exemplified the fish that are being trapped in rivers all over the world. This is the second year I have created a piece for the Dali Museum. Art will always hold a special place in my heart because it provides an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.”

Divinagracia’s piece was a micro-pen and ink piece titled Bubbles and Eyeballs. This showcase will open up a new outlet for her.

Divinagracia said, “For this project, I was inspired by Jaehoon Choi’s ink drawings and dark themes. While I was making the sketches for this project, I wanted to make a point of my contradictory topics and add details with hidden meanings. I’m still not sure if I’m going to pursue art later in the future, but this is the first big opportunity for me in the art field.”