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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – What is the best snack to have at 9 a.m.? Two Mustangs from each grade were asked this question and they shared their choice.

Many researchers have found that a mid-morning snack can keep a person energized until lunchtime and help ensure that they do not overeat during the next main meal.

They also added that it is the perfect opportunity to eat fruits and provide a body with healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Freshmen Jaron Fields and Selah Casal both chose Froot Loops as their favorite morning snack.

Sophomore Brandi Maslar chose apples and peanut butter, and Ben Lento said a strawberry Pop Tart was the ultimate snack for 9:00.

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Lento said, “The strawberry pop tart combined with a glass of milk is the best way to start your day and fulfill you until lunchtime.”

Juniors Stanley Kratounkov and Ashley Perez chose Cheerios as their favorite snack for the morning.

Senior AJ Johnson said that a blueberry yogurt parfait is his go-to, while Gabby Colacci chose an orange as her perfect snack.

Colacci said, “An orange is perfect because it feels healthy and gives you a natural source of energy.”