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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Cinema has been around since 1888 when the short clip “Roundhay Garden Scene” was released in England. Since then, millions of movies, tv shows, and digital entertainment have been released, and with it the world has gotten a lot of good movies and a lot of bad movies. This list is my top five movies that I thought were so bad, that they were so good.

5. “Wish Upon” – 2017

To start the list, we have the film “Wish Upon,” which overall is not terrible. This movie has a decent cast and interesting plot, but it just did not do it for the film lover community. This movie follows Clare Shannon (Joey King), a high school student who discovers a box that grants seven wishes. What she does not realize is that for each wish, someone she cares about ends up dead. The concept was there, but the execution was not. This is the kind of movie that gets you frustrated because of the characters’ decisions but still leaves you wanting more in the end.

4. “The Room” – 2003

This movie would be #1 on this list if not for the love I have for the films ahead of it. “The Room” tells the story of Johnny (Tommy Wiseau), a banker with a good life that goes wrong when his friends start to betray him one by one. This film is awkward, crazy, and fun in every aspect. It perfectly embodies the genre of ‘so bad it’s good,’ you want to turn it off at every scene, but you also need to keep watching to see if it can get any worse (it does by the way). “The Room” is horribly entertaining, and once you see it, you will be thinking about it for a long time.

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3. “Birdemic: Shock and Terror” – 2010

I do not even know where to begin with this movie; all I know is that you will never watch a film with worse CGI. “Birdemic” follows survivors in a small town where eagles and vultures randomly started attacking and killing its residents. There is not much to say about this movie except that it is extraordinarily horrible. I am talking about how the acting, graphics, and plot are so bad that you will absolutely love it. This movie is for the ultimate lovers of terrible movies.

2. “The Starving Games” – 2013

Lovers of “The Hunger Games” know what I am talking about when I mention “The Starving Games.” This movie is a parody of the famous film series and is all laughs in the cinematic world. Instead of the well-known characters Katniss Everdeen, Cinna, and Gale Hawthorn, “The Starving Games” gives us Kantmiss Evershot, Cinnamon, and Dale. The celebrity cameos in this movie are hilarious and random, and the costume and set designs are good for a film of this quality. This movie is horrible, but it is also one of the best things I have ever seen.

 1. “Sharknado” – 2013

Finally, the movie that tops the “so bad it’s good” movie list – “Sharknado.” “Sharknado” is just how it sounds: a movie about a tornado made from sharks that torments Los Angeles. It is quite possibly the most entertaining movie I have ever seen. The combined features of horrible CGI and awful acting made for an amazing movie to watch when you are looking for a good laugh. Nothing about this movie is good, which means everything about this movie is good. The producers tried to make this a serious movie, but it is hard to be serious when badly edited sharks are falling from the sky and eating random people. Honestly, this movie is a cinematic masterpiece because it is so horribly bad.