Emma Braunstein – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As spring is approaching, not only is the weather getting warmer, but the sun is also staying out longer. This means daylight savings is coming up.

Sunday, March 13 is the official date clocks will “spring forward” this year.

Daylight savings is the practice where the clock moves forward one hour from the standard time during the warmer months, then when winter approaches it moves one hour back.

Daylight saving first started in the 1800s when farmers would use it to manage their crops for a better harvest year around.

But as the years went on it was used for different reasons. In the early 1900s it was used as a light-saving campaign to get more work done.

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Despite it being known as an official date in the calendar, recently there has been debate on whether or not daylight savings is actually useful. Many argue that it is an outdated process and doesn’t have any real benefits.

“I don’t think we need daylight savings. In the summer its fine because the days are longer, but in winter it is just depressing. The sun goes down by like 6 p.m. and it feels like you can’t get anything done, plus it gets cold,” said LRHS senior Emma Balak.

Senior Isabella Heupel said, “I love when the sun goes down later because it reminds me of summer. It also gives me more time during the day to do stuff.”