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LRHS Advanced Placement (AP) human geography students recreate urban models with chalk

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – On Tuesday, March 8 Mustangs from history teacher Samantha Stoltz’s Advanced Placement (AP) human geography classes completed an activity to understand Urban City Models. The activity consisted on Mustangs drawing their models on the concrete in the school courtyard using different colors of chalk.

Stoltz said, “This activity gives the kids a hands-on learning experience because it’s a concept most people aren’t familiar with. It helps us to bring the city models to life rather than learning about it on paper.”

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Many of Stoltz’s Mustangs enjoyed this activity because it allowed them to collaborate with their peers outside of a conventional classroom setting.

Freshman Lauren Cunningham said, “It’s a great visual aid to see what the different parts of the city are. By each group presenting their own model, it gives different interpretations of how everyone understood each one.”

Freshman Sarah Mullin added, “It gets us more engaged than sitting in a regular classroom and taking notes.”

“Every year I have kids come back and tell me they remember this lesson. They love getting to come outside and not having a conventional school day,“ said Stoltz.