Tess Lippincott – Mustangs Ahead

Mustangs are completing 20-21 registration forms this week.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) –  Course registration forms for the 2022-23 school year are due Thursday, March 10 and can be turned in by Mustangs to any of their teachers.

The curriculum guide with more information and course descriptions can be found here.

Mustangs are reminded before turning in their forms to obtain all the necessary signatures, adhere to the limits for elective categories and prioritize electives in the correct order.

Mustangs can still meet with their school counselors, but they must email their respective counselors to request an appointment.

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Assistant principal Jeanne Galindo said, “Mustangs should email their counselor to request an appointment ONLY after the respective core teachers have signed off on the next appropriate course by subject area. Guidance counselors will meet with every student before the end of the school year.”

Forms should be filled out correctly, and when completed, can be submitted to any teacher.

Completed registration forms are not the final say for classes next year. School counselors will be meeting with every LRHS student before the end of the school year.