Andrew Deppen – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Everyone knows getting over the hump that is third quarter is the most difficult part of the school year, with the quarter feeling never ending, how can Mustangs push through these tough times?

Here is a potential treatment for all those suffering getting through the end of the third quarter.

Balance is the most important aspect when trying to get through the third quarter.

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All Mustangs should make sure to find time for themselves while also keeping their head in the game and preparing for the fourth quarter an exam season.

Sophomore Tess Lippincott offered her opinion and stated, “I work hard and make sure to stay on top of my work, while also allowing time to relax because it’s a long quarter.”

So, for all Mustangs this quarter, “Dr. Deppen” prescribes a heavy dose of self-care and relaxation as well as preparation for the upcoming fourth quarter.