With the new school year coming many Mustangs may not know about all the courses LRHS offers. The electives prove Mustangs real world opportunities and teach them engaging and critical life skills.

Ainsley Ellis– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a class for Mustangs to learn how to deal with children from birth to the age of eight.

LRHS is the only school in Manatee County that offers this program for Mustangs.

LRHS ECE teacher Delany Riggins said, “ECE is not only important for people who want to go into career of teaching but also just to learn about potential skills to work with children. You learn about their development in ECE 1, then in ECE 2 you work inside the Mini Mustangs preschool.”

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Freshman Reese Messal said, “I recommend this class because it is fun and it is also a great way into looking into a future job career.”

Mustangs who are in the program all four years and pass all requirements earn their Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.

A CDA credential is also needed in many states to hold certain teaching positions.

More questions about ECE can be directed to Riggins at rigginsd@manateeschools.net.