With the new school year coming many Mustangs may not know about all the courses LRHS offers. The electives prove Mustangs real world opportunities and teach them engaging and critical life skills.

Ainsley Ellis– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS journalism program, “Mustangs Ahead,” is a collaborative class with a very lively atmosphere.

“Mustangs Ahead” students write the stories that appear on the school website and produce the school’s official Instagram and TikTok submissions.  “Mustangs Ahead” writers can improve their writing skills and communication skills as they interact with fellow Mustangs and faculty.

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Senior editor Anabelle Lam said, “’Mustangs Ahead’ is a great program to strengthen your writing skills and meet new people. I’ve made some of my best friends through this program and the whole class is very collaborative and interactive.”

Mustangs Ahead is great for those interested in a career in journalism or for those who are just interested in writing more.

LRHS journalism teacher Tom Honsa said, “The ‘Mustangs Ahead’ classroom experience is designed to duplicate the newsroom experience. It is a professional environment with professional challenges, the lesson plan changes by the minute and students focus dealing with the unexpected.”