Ryan Javate – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Tom Holland’s latest blockbuster, “Uncharted” has finally come out, and I am not sure how to feel about it. The action sequences were breathtaking, but I still felt the movie got bogged down by its generic script, rushed pace, and the missing spirit of the source video games.

“Uncharted” is a film chronicling the early adventures of Nathan Drake (Holland) and Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) as the travel the world looking for Ferdinand Magellan’s lost treasure. However, distrust soon hits when new information about Sullivan’s missing brother Sam is brought to light, leading Drake to start doubting his relationship with him.

Generally, any movie based on a massive video-game franchise like “Uncharted” is bound to receive universal hatred from fans of their franchises due to the inaccurate takes of their beloved main characters.

This film, as entertaining as it was, absolutely did not feel like it belonged in the “Uncharted” universe.

Drake and Sullivan didn’t feel like their in-game counterparts and the only character trait they got right about the two protagonists was their humor.

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This film has a very witty sense of humor when it comes to Drake and Sullivan that very much closely matches the father-son relationship they have in the games. When not talking about Magellan’s treasure, this more human side of Holland and Wahlberg’s characters come out, but that happens very little in this movie.

This film has an amazingly fast pace that actually works against the movie. I would have enjoyed it a little bit more if they took the time to develop each of the characters so they could be more relatable.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was the action pieces. There were several great and intense action sequences in this movie that are really entertaining just to sit through and that adrenaline junkies will love.

If this film’s name wasn’t “Uncharted”, I feel like I would have enjoyed this movie a whole lot more than I did. However, since it is a film based on the “Uncharted” franchise, I feel like it ruins the legacy of the games.