Tess Lippincott –Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Substitute teachers at LRHS are, especially in COVID times, an essential part of the staff who help ensure everything is flowing smoothly when classroom  teachers are not there.

At LRHS, there are permanent, long-term, short-term, and regular subs.

Amneris Flores is a Long-Term Substitute (LTS) for Spanish teacher Ivana Klammer.

“Being a LTS at LRHS is a very challenging and exciting experience because as a substitute I have the same responsibilities as a regular teacher, so the expectation is high. You help your students succeed while getting to know them and what their interests are. You also see their progress in class and help them if they struggle,” said Flores.

Jake Dube is an LTS in the media center.

“When I sub, I usually am in a teaching position and I enjoy getting to form relationships with the Mustangs. I also have a very good relationship with LRHS since I was a student here,” said Dube.

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It is important for substitutes to aid Mustangs while the teacher is absent. Subs are always trying to keep Mustangs on track and learning in the classroom.

Luke Schwarz is a regular substitute at LRHS. He can be in any class on any given day.  

“I enjoy working with kids and keeping them on task while the teacher is absent. It allows me to have other time also since I coach,” said Schwarz.

Sonja Smith, a retired high school band director from Charlotte, North Carolina is a permanent substitute at LRHS. 

“Realizing that there is a major teacher shortage, my purpose is to help whenever and wherever I can, and during my one-year hiatus, I really missed spending time with high school students and the overall high school environment.  I love the flexibility of substituting for my peers and helping them in any way possible,” said Smith.

Dean Klein is a permanent substitute. He said interacting with students is his favorite part of the day.

“The best thing about the job is the ability to interact with students,” he said. “I like to assist them however I can.”

Especially with COVID, substitutes have been working overtime to ensure the classroom environment is not disrupted. Substitutes are an integral part of LRHS and help keep the school running efficiently.