Sara Mills – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – It’s the time of the school year when Mustangs taking Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology make sock babies for their upcoming unit on Human Development.

For this project Mustangs must create a baby out of socks, while making them creative and unique with clothes, blankets, hair, etc.

AP Psychology teacher Heather Selens said, “My psychology teacher in high school had us use eggs but I thought it was too messy or stinky. I liked the idea of cute little sock babies and having something to carry them in to keep them safe, so I decided to do that instead.”

On Jan. 24, 26, and 28, Mustangs must bring their sock babies in a safe and secure place to school for “wellness checks”, which count as test grades, and carry them around for the whole day around school.

Mustangs must also make a baby scrapbook with six entries with a birth certificate.

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Selens continued, “The purpose of this is to learn the responsibility and worries of a parent. The baby book and birth certificate are to help Mustangs make connections to the cognitive, social, and motor developments that take place from birth to early childhood.”

Selens also notified the entire faculty to look out for Mustangs who aren’t taking care of their sock babies. Sock babies are not to be left alone and Mustangs found mistreating their babies will get points taken off for abuse and negligence.

Junior Ryan Hanson said, “I am excited for this project because its unique and gives a glimpse into our next unit on human development. This project has been a tradition at LRHS and I’m happy to carry it on.”

Selens added, “Making connections are important for the AP Exam and this is my way of trying to create a creative outlet for students.”