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The so-called “creamsicle” uniforms are considered a Tampa Bay Buccaneers embarrassment

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady wants to wear one of the worst National Football League (NFL) jerseys of all time.  The Bucs take on the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL playoffs Sunday.In the 1970s, the Buccaneers wore their “Creamsicle” jerseys, which went down as one of the most unpopular ever.

The Bucs abandoned the creamsicles in 1997, adopting their current pewter and red look.  But NFL teams often wear ‘’throwback” uniforms, and since the NFL has changed the rules to allow teams to pair a second helmet with an alternate jersey, it’s possible Tampa Bay could take the field in their old colors.

Brady has shown interest in wearing this jersey before he retires from the NFL.

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Mustangs have varying opinions on whether the Bucs should bring back the creamsicle look.

Sophomore Brody Folkers said, “I like the idea of Tom Brady wearing the old uniforms because the uniforms are great, and it brings back those old school looks.”

Junior Ryan Hanson also wants Brady to wear the jersey.

Hanson said, “I think Tom Brady should wear the Creamsicle jerseys because the jerseys are extremely clean, and I think he deserves to wear them.”

Senior Steven Brown added, “I don’t see them as the worst jerseys of all time, but the Buccaneers have definitely had better jerseys. Personally, I think the worst jerseys in NFL history are the Seattle Seahawks neon jerseys.”