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LRHS discipline dean Thomas Bellantonio (l) celebrates with eighth grader Johnny Kornett

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS announced the winner of the LRHS starter pack prize from December’s open house raffle.

The LRHS open house for incoming Mustangs was hosted on Wednesday, Dec. 15 and attendants had the chance to win a prize pack by visiting six club tables and filling their punch cards.

Prospective freshman Johnny Kornett from Nolan Middle School was the winner.

At open house Kornett enjoyed meeting all the group leaders and seeing what the school looked like, but most of all he was excited for the starter pack.

Kornett said, “When I found out, I thought my parents were joking with me, and I was excited I actually won!”

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The pack consisted of one free admission to a LRHS home football game, an LRHS T-shirt, a pair of socks, and more LRHS spirit gear.

The prizes were dropped off at his house on Friday, Dec. 7, where he took pictures with LRHS discipline dean Thomas Bellantonio.

Kornett continued, “I am most excited about learning in a new environment and being able to see more friends at LRHS.”

He hopes to play junior varsity (JV) football and qualify for the National Honor Society (NHS) his sophomore year.

As advice for incoming eighth graders, Kornett said, “I would tell them to try their hardest, don’t fall behind on their work and have fun.”