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Mustangs of the Second Quarter (l to r) teacher Stephanie Kobetitsch, senior Elise Dunn, junior Edilenz Septembre, sophomore Madison Russ and freshman Kendall Huerta

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS is recognizing the Mustang of the Quarter recipients for the second quarter for their outstanding acts of kindness.

The Parent Association (PA) recognizes four Mustangs each quarter for performing random acts of kindness. These Mustangs go above and beyond to help others and show compassion.

The Mustang get have their photos displayed in the media center and are gifted a goodie bag full of coupons and gifts donated by local businesses from the PA.

The recipients of Mustang of the Quarter for the second quarter were freshman Kendall Huerta, sophomore Madisen Russ, junior Edilenz Septembre, and senior Elise Dunn.

Mustangs of the Quarter are nominated by teachers.

Social studies teacher Sammy Stolz nominated Huerta. Stoltz said, “She is a student who stands out amongst her peers, is attentive in class, and asks questions when she is unsure. Kendall is beyond worthy of the title Mustang of the Quarter.”

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Russ approached her English teacher Stephanie Kobetitsch about using hallway space to create festive bulletin boards to celebrate the seasons.

Kobetitsch said, “This effort on Madisen’s part to make our school a welcoming environment for all Mustangs makes her the perfect student for Mustang of the Quarter. She displays traits that all students can look up to!”

Septembre took the initiative to help new Mustangs by taking them to lunch, sitting with them and showing them around so they feel welcome.

ESOL teacher Avelina Besse said, “His genuine kindness is appreciated by all of us!”

Senior Elise Dunn shows up early to class with a smile on her face ready to learn. Math teacher Rennie Finck said, “Elise is a go-to helper not only for class but for classmates. She is always eager to volunteer, and she is a friend to all.”