Isabella Heupel –Mustangs Ahead

LRHS Advanced Placement (AP) Art students face unique evaluations

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Advanced Placement (AP) classes can be among the most academically rigorous courses on any school, but AP Art and Design focuses on completing not tests and essays, but unique pieces of art and developing skills used by artists and designers.

Throughout the school year Mustangs work on a portfolio consisting of 20 pieces of art. Portfolios include artwork and written information about the piece.

To help prepare, every two weeks Mustangs will critique each other’s art in order to improve the quality of their work.

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Senior Isveydi Moreno said, “I like how open and accepting everyone is, everyone judges each other’s art and it’s fun to get ideas from other classmates.”

Portfolios are submitted to CollegeBoard at the end of the school year for scoring.

LRHS art teacher Adela Salas said, “The art is judged on the element of art and the principle of design.”

Junior Mariangella Cepero said, “AP Art allows us to express ourselves and our personality, it’s very free form and allows us to choose our own themes and ideas.”