Kaitlyn Harper– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As Mustangs consider their learners permits and drivers licenses, there are many mixed feelings.

The process of getting a permit or license can be challenging and confusing for people who have little to no experience with it. From making an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to taking the road test, there are lots of mistakes that can be made.

Mustangs have a wide variety of experiences behind the wheel.

Junior Kaitlyn Case has had her license for a little over a year and loves the freedom that comes with driving, but she did have to wait two months to get her license since the DMV appointments were backed up due to COVID-19.

“I took a driving school with a personal instructor,” said Case, “and I feel that has helped me become a very confident driver. There have been times when I find myself in a stressful situation, but I remember what my instructor taught me, and it has greatly benefited the way I drive.”

Case added, “I dislike when people drive with their brights on and having to pump gas because I once spilled gas on my feet.”

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Junior Viola Szalkai is new to driving and got her permit recently. Szalkai said she likes the ability to get to places quickly, but many people on the road don’t pay attention which makes it nerve-wracking to drive.

Junior Jackson Fox has had his license since February and has experience with driving.

Fox stated, “Despite being in an accident that was out of my control, I am overall very comfortable with driving.”

Fox dislikes the way others drive on the road and unreasonable speed limits but likes how fun driving can be.

Junior Autumn Nix has had her permit for over a year but doesn’t have much driving experience. She finds driving to be anxiety-inducing and worries about old Florida drivers who do not pay attention.

For more information on getting a permit or license visit the State of Florida website.