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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – In the past 80 years, superheroes have become an artistic and commercial staple in the United States.

Superhero comics started to come out in the 1930s and quickly became one of the most popular entertainment genres.

This American phenomenon started before World War II and was created to address growing tension between the United States and Nazi Germany. The first thought to create a superhero came from the idea that a person needed to possess great strengths and power to defeat their enemies.

The first superhero, “The Phantom”, was introduced in 1936 in a newspaper comic strip. Two years later Superman made his debut and quickly became the most popular superhero in America. Many people, even if they have never read the comics, know the famous phrase, “Its a bird, It’s a plane, its Superman!”

Since the 1930s, superheroes have become widely popularized with 57% of Americans saying they are fans of some type of superhero film or franchise.

LRHS senior Ryan Javate said, “What intrigues me the most about superhero movies is the long-lasting impact it has on the world. This genre has been around since the 1940s and the fact it has lasted this long is incredible to me.”

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In addition to superhero comics, superhero movies are loved by many.

“Superhero movies are fun to watch because it’s not something you will ever see in real life,” said sophomore Emma Wantuch. “I love seeing how creative hero’s powers can be.”

Today, the two most popular superhero franchises are Marvel and Detective Comics (DC). The two are close in popularity, however, a recent poll from Screen Rant shows that Marvel is in the lead and has been for the past 30 years.

The two franchises have created many characters and movies that are loved by millions today.

To the average person, a superhero may represent the hope that someone will do the right thing and step in when times get tough. That’s why superheroes are probably here to stay in America and it’s safe to say that they will be impacting many generations to come.