Olivia Ellis and Andrew Deppen – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – We all know that no two personalities are exactly alike, and it is no different in the case of Mustangs.

Whether you are bold and extroverted, or soft spoken and introverted, we all must survive high school in our own way.

I, Andrew Deppen, am one of the more loud and excitable Mustangs.

Andrew Deppen (c) enjoys people’s company

Having friends who I know I will get to talk to throughout the day allows me to stay motivated. It also helps when I work in groups in class.  Looking for partners and collaborating is easier as I already know people.

For more talkative Mustangs, focusing on individual schoolwork can be difficult. Wanting to talk to friends during class can make one easily distracted and get them off task quickly.

I, Olivia Ellis, on the other hand am a quieter and more reserved Mustang.

Being quiet allows me to stay focused and get my work done without getting distracted. It also allows me to not get overwhelmed and feel the need to talk to someone when I’m doing my work.

Olivia Ellis thrives in the quiet

Being either loud or quiet both come with pros and cons.

It can be a struggle for quieter students to find someone to collaborate with during group or partner work. Also not having someone that you know in the class to ask what make up work is when I’m out of school is a downside.

Even though being talkative or quiet has its ups and downs, there is no right or wrong way to go through high school and everyone just must find the way that works for them.

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To illustrate the differences we chose to address a series of social scenarios –

You’re in a room of strangers, the first thing you do is….

Olivia: Stand back  

Andrew: Walk up to someone and start a conversation with them

It’s a quiet Saturday afternoon at home, you feel…

Olivia: Relaxed but at the same time overwhelmed that I’m by myself

Andrew: I’d say try to make plans with any of my friends who weren’t busy.

You hear your friends’ making plans do you….

Olivia: Ask them about it, and confront them about making plans in front of me  

Andrew: I’d usually not ask them about it, if I wasn’t invited, I wouldn’t care.

You had plans for the weekend and they get cancelled do you….

Olivia: reschedule the plans and take the weekend for myself

Andrew: I would attempt to reschedule plans as soon as possible.

Someone wants to make conversation will you on public transportation….

Olivia: smile and nod and talk to the person to an extent

Andrew: Continue talking to the person until they are done talking.

A teacher assigns a project that has to be individual….

Olivia: take my time enjoying working on my own

Andrew: I’d still do the project, but attempt to still collaborate with others.

Would you rather go on a mountain hike or to a huge amusement park….

Olivia: I’d prefer the mountain hike, however with someone else so I’m not alone.

Andrew: I’d prefer going to a huge amusement park and interact with people