Maya Rengifo – Mustangs Ahead

Aquariums are back at LRHS marine science classes

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Marine Science department re-opened its live fish tanks on Thursday, Oct. 26 after they were closed for almost two years due to COVID-19.

LRHS scientific lab donations allowed the largest fish tank to be brought back along with five live fish.

Two Maroon Clownfish, one Red-tooth Triggerfish, one Percula Clownfish, and one juvenile Angelfish have been introduced over the course of two weeks.

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Marine science teacher Lawrence Hickman said, “Now we’ll monitor some different levels of waste products, ammonias, and nitrates. Then the tank goes through a cycle, and we build up bacteria to break down waste products.”

The marine science classes hope to have a full-functioning saltwater tank to study concepts such as adaptations, anatomical structures in relationship to locomotion, feeding, lifestyles of fish, and coloration in fish.