Erin-Elizabeth Purcell – Mustangs Ahead 

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As Mustang seniors begin their college application processes, many become introduced to special degree programs.

Special degree programs are educational pathways requiring specific, additional application steps are in addition to general college admissions.

This essentially means applicants must apply to a school twice if they are seeking a special degree program, once to get into the school and a second time to get into a specific program.

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Most arts degrees such as bachelor’s degrees in fine arts, musical theatre, acting and performance, and dance as well as specific medical practices such as veterinarian or ultrasound technician are all special degree programs.

“For students applying to special degree programs its super important to look up the specifics for each college because they have different requirements and deadlines,” said college and career adviser Ricardo Acevedo.

Special degree applicant for veterinary sciences senior Madeline Fields said, “Being a special degree applicant can be overwhelming so the best thing to do is be informed and do some research so you can get it done as quickly as possible.”  

Applicants can find out if an intended major is a special degree program on your applied universities website.