Veterans day is Thursday Nov. 11 and Mustangs Ahead is recognizing that the role they have played in American freedom and LRHS students’ lives.  

Tess Lippincott – Mustangs Ahead

The author wears one of her mom’s uniforms for LRHS Spririt Week

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The military is a dangerous and difficult job for anybody who pursues it, but it can also have a strong impact on children of those in the service.

Military parents often must leave their kids for certain periods of time because of obligations and duties to the military. It is a very demanding job, and some Mustangs experience it firsthand.

Military kids sometimes have to stay with other guardians because their parents are gone for periods of time. This raises issues within kids because they don’t have a strong, stable parental figure while growing up.

There are nearly two million military kids in the United States, so many kids are going through what many students at LRHS go through.

For me, both my mother and father served in the Navy. My mom is still serving, as she has been for 24 years, and my dad retired recently after 20 long years.

Both my parents have been on deployment, going overseas for months or a year at a time. They did this before I was born, but they still worked at naval stations afterwards.

They would leave for hours to days at a time, and I always would wonder, “Who is home today? Which parent is gone tomorrow?”

Other Mustangs also have parents in the military and experience the effect of hardworking military parents as well.

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Sophomore Chloe Wetherington has a dad in the Marine Corps. He has a lot of obligations he must fulfil which leaves an effect on his daughter.

“Having a military parent is hard. When they leave, it is difficult to adjust to them not being there and you miss them a lot,” said Wetherington.

Even when my parents worked just at naval stations for the Navy and did not go overseas, they still would have to fly all around and leave. Sometimes my mom would work from home as well, but it would take up most of her time in the day and be very taxing on her.

Another LRHS student, Senior Haven Hunter, said, “Personally, it can be a lot, I got lucky and didn’t have to move a lot, but it can be strict, and if you aren’t careful, you can lose benefits as a dependent, child and spouse. But overall, I’m extremely grateful for the life I’ve been given.”

Being a military kid is a long, difficult experience. It is hard to have parents with their lives dedicated to the military. But it is also inspiring, I personally am proud of my parents and their service to the country. It was important to them and it left a rather positive impact on me.

Military parents leaving and working all the time is hard, but it is an honor for them, and it means a lot to the children as well.

The life of a military kid is like no other, and really affects everybody in a unique way.