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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Large streaming sites, such as Netflix and Hulu, offer watchers a variety of popular movies and television shows. The only downside to these sites is the monthly subscriptions that can be anywhere from $7.99 to $15.99 a month.  

However, many free sites have been made for people who do not want to pay monthly fees; these include Tubi, Pluto, Internet Movie Database television (IMDB TV), and many more.

These free sites do not always feature the most popular or talked about media. They do, however, feature hundreds of free movies and TV shows at a person’s immediate disposal.

The popular sites, like Netflix, are always pouring in added content for subscribers. In the first half of October alone, Netflix put out 52 movies and TV shows.

While sites like Tubi and Vudu also release a lot of content monthly, a topic of debate is the popularity and value of these movies.

“I personally don’t like to use free movie sites because the movies are really random, and the quality is not the best,” said sophomore Sophia Bayindiryan.

Sophomore Emma Wantuch agreed and said, “On free sites there’s a lot to choose from but the acting and budget usually is not the best.”

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Despite these negatives, some still like the free movie sites more.

Senior Macy Walter said, “I think the sites are worth it, you do not have to worry about money, and although the movies are not the best, they can be entertaining.”

The question of whether free movie sites are worth it seems to be up for interpretation.

Aside from individual opinions, there are many statistics to point to free movie websites having equal watchers to popular sites.

The paid programs Disney Plus and Netflix had a combined total of 89.9 million viewers in 2020.

Comparably, the free movie sites IMDB Tv and Pluto had a combined total of 85 million viewers in 2020.

Overall paid movie sites have some upsides such as having more well-known movies and actors, but for having no cost, free movie sites are totally worth it.