Maya Rengifo – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS continues to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Hispanic Heritage Month.

LRHS honors all cultures and takes this time to recognize the wonderful Hispanic staff that contribute so much to its campus. This includes college & career advisor, Ricardo Acevedo who helps with the success of all Mustangs.

Acavedo enjoys his time with students.

Mustangs Ahead (MA): What is your background culturally and regarding LRHS?

Ricardo Acevedo (RA): I’m currently going into my second year at LRHS, and I come from a Dominican heritage. Both of my parents were born in the Dominican Republic.

MA: How do you honor your heritage?

RA: Well first off, I eat a lot of common Dominican dishes, but I also have pride in my heritage and tell anybody I come across about my cultural background.

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MA: What does it mean to you to be of Hispanic heritage?

RA: For me, it’s all about recognizing the contributions made by the Latino community especially to the history of the United States.

MA: What do you believe we can do more of to appropriately honor Hispanic contribution within America?

RA: Personally, I think the culture has been embraced more over the years. I’ve heard more bilingual songs on the radio, and I have seen more Latino restaurants becoming more popular with people that do not have a Latino background. So doing more of what we already have been doing, embracing and including the culture is a great way to honor Hispanic heritage.