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Laura Anderson has transitioned from the LRHS clinic to the classroom.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – “I took this new job opportunity to interact with the Mustangs. Teaching allows me to impact students and see to their needs in a different way then nursing,” said inclusion English teacher Laura Anderson.

Anderson worked as the registered nurse at LRHS for the past two years, and before that worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital for five years in the labor and delivery emergency room (ER).

Now, Anderson co-teaches in five different classrooms as an inclusion English teacher.

In these classes Anderson makes sure Mustangs are getting any extra help they may need to understand and complete their work.

“I enjoy my job very much! There are certain parts of nursing that I miss, but I genuinely enjoy helping students get their education, work hard, and be proud of themselves.” said Anderson.

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One of the classrooms Anderson co-teaches is with English teacher Daniel Bryan-Bleacher.

Bryan-Bleacher said, “Since Anderson has been in the classroom the Mustangs sincerely appreciate having a second teacher to help find answers to challenging analytical questions.”

Not only does Anderson provide a second source of help and resources but having two teachers in the classroom has become greatly beneficial.

Bryan-Bleacher said, “Because there are two teachers, the quality of our help with each student is better. We accomplish more and provide higher quality instruction.”