Erin-Elizabeth Purcell – Mustangs Ahead 

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – For many LRHS seniors, the college application process brings a new meaning to the word “exhausting.”  Personally, I have been working tirelessly as I want to apply for early admissions and only have two months to finish my application.

Some processes have been long and tedious, such as setting up the Common App.  That took over seven hours. Others such as requesting my transcripts have been relatively simple, not taking more than 20 minutes. According to CollegeVine, the average student spends a total of 192 hours applying to college.

This has been a draining experience and proves what I have heard from many people who say that the hardest part about college may be getting in. This is not to say that I don’t think it’s worth it, or that it’s impossible.  It is simply difficult but with the right support it’s manageable.

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LRHS college and career counselor Ricardo Acevado said, “The most difficult thing about college applications is setting up the Common App, once you get that done its pretty straight forward so I would make it a priority to get that done.”

It all comes down to taking a moment and committing yourself to finish. According to CollegeExplorations, “48% of college applicants say that the most difficult part of writing a college essay is actually sitting down to write it.”

The college application process is simply tedious. LRHS senior Madeline Fields stated, “The process of applying early is grueling but incredibly worth it because I won’t have to worry about it second semester when pressure is higher, and the school year is busier.”