Alexa Hymes – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Where is it? I can’t find it anywhere.

Any Mustang who has ever lost anything at school can relate to my recent panic over not being able to find my dance team bag.

My day was slow and uneventful until I noticed that I was no longer holding the small red bag I brought to school that day. My classes were suddenly racing by and I only had two periods left to find my bag before dance practice began.

In fear of getting multiple demerits for coming to practice unprepared, I checked every room I had been in that day for my dance bag. No matter how many times I retraced my steps, I could not picture the last moment I was carrying the bag.

After multiple panicked sprints from class to class in the relentless heat, I finally found my bag in Mrs. (Debra) McCarthy’s (English) classroom. I could finally relax.

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Most of all, I was grateful that my bag didn’t end up in the lost and found among the other items Mustangs lose and can’t find.

LRHS Attendance secretary Darla Walker said, “Lunch boxes, bottles, glasses, jackets, and many other objects fill the lost and found on the daily.”

What is even worse is that most of these items stay lost forever.

Walker added, “Most of the time Mustangs don’t come down to the lost and found unless there is an announcement made.”

LRHS senior Erin Purcell recalled, “I lost my lanyard in the barn and it remained there, soaking in the rain, until I made my way back to the barn the next day. On the other hand, some things lost here just disappear forever, like the planner I lost freshman year.”