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LRHS math teacher Meghan Sugalski show off her calculators

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS math teacher Meghan Sugalski has invested some of the money she won from her nomination from the Extra Yard for Teachers initiative.

Sugalski was nominated by former Mustang Kinsey Goelz for being an impactful teacher. Suglaski was granted $5000 for school supplies and materials.

Sugalski said, “I have spent half the money so far. I purchased 10 new graphing calculators for the media center and a new graphing calculator for the Advanced Placement (AP) stats and AP calculus classrooms. I also bought whiteboard markers, write on sleeves, and scientific calculators for some algebra II classrooms.”

There will now be 10 new graphing calculators in the media center for which Mustangs to check out. These calculators are over $100 each, great for Mustangs who are non-math and science majors in college, who don’t see a need for purchasing a graphing calculator.

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The whiteboard markers and sleeves will help the math department cut down printing costs and is a great way for the department to reuse worksheets and materials.

Sugalski added, “I also purchased three $100 gift cards and have shared with fellow math teachers. Mrs. Macie Adams received one of the gift cards to create everything for her new course.”

Math teacher Ann Fleury and Sugalski are assessing the needs of the department to see what the rest of the money will be spent on.

All these math department new supplies will be beneficial for providing a better learning environment for Mustangs.