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Every LRHS classroom has an Emergency Plan booh

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As Mustangs start to settl into the school year, school safety remains an important subject.

Fires, active shooters, bomb threats, and chemical spills are all threats that LRHS has practiced protocols for.

Assistant principal Michael Staker said, “If anything, school safety only grows stronger each year. The state, district, and local schools continue to look for ways to increase school safety and protect students on a daily basis.”

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Manatee County continues to improve safety at schools with ways such as the new CrisisAlert system.

This system allows all district employees to immediately call for school emergency or a lockdown from their person.

This system also allows for a fast response time to resolve any threat or emergency issue.

 Staker explained, “Although we are still dealing with a global pandemic, school safety remains a top concern. We have not eased any district or school policies.”