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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – “The worst experience I had babysitting was when a little boy made me play dinosaurs with him, causing his dog to attack him. He cried for thirty minutes, but once he calmed down, he wanted to keep playing dinosaurs. Then, the exact same thing happened all over again,” said junior Regan Kelly.

At LRHS, babysitting, and childcare in general, is one of the most popular after school jobs for Mustangs. Watching someone else’s kids can be a stressful, and at times a difficult, experience.

Freshman Chantelle Ockey reflected on her worst babysitting nightmare, “My friend and I were watching a little boy and his older sister. While my friend was helping the older girl get ready for bed, I read the little boy a bedtime story. When I stopped reading, he started screaming and crying that he did not want to go to bed and continued until his dad finally came home.”

Despite Kelly and Ockey’s chaotic childcare experiences, babysitting is not all bad.

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Junior Cassidy McLellan stated, “One time, a little boy I was babysitting asked me if I could help him film a Lego movie on my phone. He was so excited, and he couldn’t wait to show his mom when she got home.”

McLellan is not alone in heart-warming childcare moments.

Sophomore Kai Williams stated, “My best babysitting experience was getting a job babysitting for my neighbor’s grandchildren who were one and four at the time. I was the first babysitter they ever had, so they were a little bit reluctant at first. Now, they are both in school and trying to start soccer, and I consider them my two mini best friends.”

Williams added, “It’s crazy how I was there just to look over them, but I ended up developing a really different, fun relationship.”