Katie Foley – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Some Mustangs may receive new schedules on Monday, Sept. 13 as LRHS receives additional teacher allocation.

New teacher allocations occur when enrollment is higher than predicted and more teachers are needed.

This can help reduce class sizes and increase the ability to socially distance students as classes are leveled out.

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Leveling is the process of creating a new section of a course and then transferring Mustangs from sections that exceed classroom capacities.

Junior Erin Walsh said, “I don’t mind if my schedule gets re-arranged, I just hope we can have a full, safe school year.”

LRHS assistant principal Jeanine Galindo commented, “We ask for students to understand that these switches are not personal. These moves are necessary, and individuals are not targeted for change.”