Ryan Javate– Mustangs ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- We have seen some excellent videogames come out in 2021, and the year still showing plenty of promise. Here are five of my favorite games still set to release this year.

5. “Call of Duty: Vanguard”:

The latest installment of the “Call of Duty” franchise promises to return to the Second World War, as players get sent into multiple single player stories set in different combat locations such as Africa, Russia, and Europe, highlighting what the main characters of those campaigns go through.

The game will combine the more realistic feel of 2019’s “Modern Warfare” reboot and the ever so popular Zombies mode from the “Black Ops” series. With “Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War” disappointing many gamers, a return to the franchise’s roots might be a step in the right direction for this popular game series.

4. “Battlefield 2042”:

Even though this game will not have a single-player element, the multiplayer aspects of the game look insane. Players will not only go up against other players, but they will also face collapsing buildings, sandstorms, and just overall chaos making this “Battlefield” installment look larger than life.

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3. “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl”:

These long-awaited remakes of “Pokémon Diamond and Pearl” are finally coming, as many players from the “Generation 4” era, had these as their introduction to the world of Pokémon. However, even though these remakes have been long in the making, not everyone is a fan of the childish art style of the game.

However, this game promises to be nostalgic for former Nintendo DS players.

2. “Forza Horizon 5”:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing “Forza Horizon 3” after it came out. Speeding around the Australian Outback in that game felt nice, and the variety of super cars have never disappointed. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this “Forza” game goes.

1. “Halo Infinite”:

When the trailers for Halo Infinite were released all my memories of playing the re-release of the original game in the basement started to flood back to me when I saw Master Chief’s helmet in the classic art style. As if that doesn’t make the game look good enough, it’s planned Dec. 8 release will cut close to the franchise’s twentieth anniversary, making the hype for the game so much more special than the others on this list.