Presley Long – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – You know when your favorite show or movie series comes to an end, and there’s a bittersweet moment where you wished it wasn’t finished? Yeah… that’s not how I felt about “The Kissing Booth 3”.

Released on Netflix on Wednesday, Aug. 11,The Kissing Booth 3” follows Elle Evans (Joey King) as she enjoys her last summer before college. But she is stuck picking between going to college with her best friend Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) and her boyfriend Noah Flynn (Jacob Eldori).

About 15 minutes in I began to wonder why people bothered to make these movies.

Evans and Noah had no chemistry at all and watching their relationship was like watching paint dry.

Evans and Lee have the friendship of five-year-old children. They have “friendship rules,” and if one tiny rule is broken, they have a temper tantrum and don’t speak for days. The no-communication trope is getting old.

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I wanted to jump into the movie and tell all these characters to start acting like the adults they are supposed to be.

I would also like to know where these people got their acting degrees because they need to be revoked.

Honestly the whole crew needs to take some more classes, the CGI, camera angles, and directing in this movie was garbage.

Overall, the movie is just another high school stereotype. You think you are about to watch a quirky rom-com, but it ends up being a total snooze-fest.

“The Kissing Booth” is quite possibly the worst movie series Netflix has done.