Maya Rengifo – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As the new school year begins LRHS Mustangs become familiar with those who are here to support students and the campus.

Two of the most frequently visited staff are found in the front office, records secretary Kari Keech-Babcock and front desk secretary Kristine Dittmann.

Keech-Babcock also serves in the guidance office to do the job Mustangs need her for most, processing community service hours and transcript orders.

“I have worked at LRHS for almost four years now. My driving force for working at LRHS is the relationships I get to build with the students and their families. I am big into forming communities and I feel that it is important everyone has that somewhere in their life,” said Babcock.

Keech-Babcock’s phone number is 941-727-6100 (ext. 2011 or 2003) and her email address is

The other face most Mustangs come to recognize during the first few weeks is that of Dittmann.

Dittmann works at the front desk assisting all students coming into school after 7:30 a.m. and directs them to attendance to sign in.

Dittmann said, “I started at LRHS about three to four years ago. Over the few years, I have seen so many students and some I have gotten to know well because of what I do for the school. Even though I see some students more briefly than others, there are some I see frequently and building any sort of relationship with anyone, student, or staff here at LRHS is a blessing. A good day to me is one of helping people.”

Dittmann’s number is 941.727.6100 (ext. 2012) and her email address is