Maya Rengifo – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS Mustangs are returning this year to see familiar and not so familiar faces.  Regardless of a student’s grade level, there are a few people on-campus every Mustang should know.

A good starting point is two people who are the first contact for many Mustangs, Liz McGowan and Bailee French.

Fernanda McGowan, commonly known as Mrs. Liz, is LRHS’s Guidance Registration Secretary.

McGowan is the first face to be seen in the guidance office and is always prepared to help.

Mustangs should take the time to know all the guidance staff, although McGowan specifically works to help Mustangs with any advice they may be looking for and direct them to their guidance counselor as needed.

When an appointment is required or a change in a schedule needs to be made, McGowan is the one to see.

McGowan said, “I’ve been here a year and a half, and I love what I do. Helping our students is something I adore, especially with how here at guidance, we are normally the first contact for students and especially parents when they register their children. It’s quite the responsibility but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would also like to add that I do speak Spanish so si inglés no es tu primer idioma, ven para guidance y pregúntales por Senora Liz, estoy feliz para ayudarte.”

To contact McGowan, her number is 941-727-6100 (ext. 2000) and her email address is

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The other important face to know is that of French, as LRHS’s junior varsity (JV) cheer coach and classroom substitute it is likely to have already seen French once or twice.

French has been with LRHS for two years and has a long Mustang legacy.  She graduated from LRHS and is the daughter of math teacher Macie Adams.

“It’s interesting because I could be taking attendance in your second period class and then writing you a tardy pass by fifth,” said French. “Whenever a staff member needs a break or help of any kind, I head over to wherever they are and help however I can.  I have only worked here for two years but I know this campus like the back of my hand. It doesn’t feel in the moment like you are making any difference, but when I receive letters and messages from my cheerleaders and other students it reminds me why I am here and makes me realize why my parents have been in this profession for 30+ years,” said French.

To contact French, her number is 941-704-0687 and her email address