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LRHS registered nurse Laura Anderson urges all Mustangs to continue healthy habits.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As COVID-19 took over the world, workplaces around the world were completely transformed.

One of the most demanding jobs amidst COVID-19 has been nursing.

School nurses faced a challenge to ensure the safety of students and staff. Many innovated new practices in order to adapt to district guidelines and requirements.

LRHS registered nurse Laura Anderson said, “Here at the Ranch our biggest concern falls into keeping Mustangs safe, on or off campus. Personally, it was distressing to adopt a new mindset and handle the rapid changes. But now, I am just doing my part to makes Mustangs feel their safest.”

The virus raised challenges for healthcare workers all over the world.

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Their critical role called for overwhelming responsibilities and commitment, all while being constantly at risk.

According to the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, “Nurses have a unique perspective and capability to translate and integrate evidence from these areas into practice.”

Together, Mustangs and nurses are trying to protect one another.

Sophomore Mariah Reichenbach stated, “I think we all need to appreciate the nurse force more, especially as the put themselves out on the front line. They are making an incredible sacrifice that should be recognized by everyone.”