Long-serving science teacher, coach moving on

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Science teacher Faust Delazzer is an LRHS original

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS community prepares to say goodbye to an original Mustang educator.  Anatomy teacher Faust Delazzer will retire at the end of this year.

Delazzer has been teaching for 45 years and has worked at LRHS since its opening year in 1998.

“I feel apprehensive about retiring, I like what I do but I am very happy with what I have accomplished here at LRHS,” said Delazzer.

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Delazzer’s achievements include writing the biology curriculum for Manatee County.

Delazzer continued, “One of the reasons I have stayed at LRHS for so long is because we have one of the best science departments in the county, if not the state.”

Delazzer was the first head football coach here at LRHS and finished with a winning record of 28-12 before stepping down in 2005.

Junior Reva Gandhi said, “Delazzer is an amazing teacher who you can tell really cares about his students. Being able to experience his anatomy class has been a great experience, regardless of the situation with the pandemic.”

English teacher concludes varied career

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LRHS English teacher Candice Delazzer is finishing up a career of over 40 years

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) -LRHS English teacher Candice Delazzer is retiring after 21 years of teaching at the school.

Delazzer started her teaching career with her husband, anatomy teacher Faust Delazzer, in 1975 at Southeast High, transferring to the Ranch in 2000, after her daughter graduated from Southeast.

Just after her daughter graduated, Delazzer’s son started at the Ranch as a freshman, causing her to join her husband, who had transferred to LRHS two years earlier.

Throughout her teaching career at Southeast High and LRHS, Delazzer sponsored many clubs and organizations, including the newspaper program (five years), yearbook program (18 years), cheerleading team (five years), Quill and Scroll (18 years), and junior class (four years).

Over the course of her 47 years of teaching, Delazzer has seen three of her past students at Southeast join her as teachers here.

Delazzer said, “Retiring is bittersweet, while I certainly won’t miss getting up at 5:40 a.m. every morning, or grading papers until midnight, I will miss the students and the great teachers I’ve become friends with and taught with over the years.”

Delazzer said that while she will miss being on campus, it is time that her and her husband to retire from their teaching careers.

She said, “We have both agreed that 47 years teaching is more than enough and that we want to retire while we are still healthy enough to travel on our motorcycles. Our last day is May 28 and I will miss all of my students, teachers, and friends.”