Ryan Hanson – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As people turn to the online world to stay connected during COVID-19, many virtual games have risen in popularity.

One is GeoGuessr.

GeoGuessr is a geography game that challenges one’s ability to recognize their surroundings and guess where in the world they are for points.

GeoGuessr places the player on a series of five algorithmically determined, semi-random locations around the world.

The players then must use geographical understanding to determine where the game has placed them. After the placed marker is submitted as a guess, GeoGuessr reveals the true geographic location and assigns the player a score depending on how far away the player’s guess was from the true location.

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The game offers many options to make the challenge harder for the player.

Players may choose to be able to move, zoom, and a time limit.

Many Mustangs have turned to this game to challenge their friends, take breaks in-between their schoolwork, or simply when they are bored at home.

Junior Steven Brown stated, “I enjoy playing the game with my friends and feel as though it gives me a better geographical understanding of the world.”

Junior Ryan Javate added, “It is an entertaining game to help pass the time”.

GeoGuessr is a great game to help pass the time and entertain yourself when you are bored that also helps educate you on the geography of the world.