Emma Conerly – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Podcasts are an entertaining way to learn outside of the classroom and can turn mindless tasks, such as cleaning or driving, into interesting lessons about the world.

LRHS senior Lora Brassfield said, “I like listening to podcasts when I am doing something with my hands such as drawing or playing video games. This way I am learning while doing my tasks.”

“Stuff you missed in history class,” hosted by Tracey V. Willson and Holly Frey dives deep into the unheard topics of the past.

Personally, the best episode to start with for this series is “The allegedly haunted island of Paveglia.”

Another podcast “Conspiracy theories” by Parcast network explains mysteries from Jonestown to cellphones.

“Conspiracy theories” keeps a neutral stance through the episode, explaining the story behind the stories and why people believe in them.

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Another great episode to begin this series with is  “Jonestown part 1.”

Next, “Sawbones: A marital tour of misguided medicine” by Justin Mcelroy and Dr. Sydnee Mcelroy explore the world of medical mishaps. Each episode entails a weird solution that has been used to fix medical problems.

The best episode to start with for this series is “Lobotomy.”

“The hosts of sawbones, Justina and Sydnee, are incredibly funny and deliver a very interesting range of facts from the world of medical disasters.” said LRHS senior Mathew Sidlo.

Lastly, “Ologies,” hosted by Alie Ward explores a different type of science, or “Ology,” in every episode. The topics range from aliens to taxidermy, as she interviews experts in their fields.

The best episode to start with for this series is “Mycology (Mushrooms)