Emma Tullio – Special to Mustangs Ahead

LRHS alum Markela Wagner has been published in one of America’s premier newspapers.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS Alum Markella Wager was recently published in the New York Times. Her piece was a part of an ongoing column called “Tiny Love Story” and is just 100 words.

Tiny Love Story was the first work Wagner submitted to The New York Times, so when Wagner got the notification that her article had been published, she froze in shock until she began to whoop, yell, and dance around the room.

Wagner commented, “This piece was meant to tell a story about an impactful moment in my life with a person I care about. Once the idea of publication became real, the possibility of connecting with others who have had similar experiences became real, too.”

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Wagner wrote this piece in one one hour, taking a break before she proofread it and got her mother’s stamp of approval.

Although her work was published, Wagner does not believe this to be her best work. She hopes to continue improving with every project and is extremely honored to have been published with the New York Times.

Wagner said, “I aspire to be a young ddult novelist in the future and being published in The New York Times feels like one step closer to my dreams.”

Wagner said being published in the New York Times adds to her determination to achieve her goals as a writer.