“Mustangs Ahead” will be posting a series of stories on how Mustangs of all grade levels can prepare for their futures outside of LRHS. This article applies to LRHS freshman.

Morgan McCabe- Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Mustangs have plenty of resources to help prepare them for college. However, many freshmen may not realize that their first year is especially important as it sets the tone for the rest of the Mustangs’ high school careers.

Many Mustangs don’t realize how important freshman year is until it is too late.

College and Career Counseling advisor Ricardo Acevedo stated, “Raising one’s GPA, especially as a junior or senior, is extremely difficult due to credit hours. So, if freshmen do well in their first year and get relatively high grades it will make life easier for them when they are preparing to apply to college in the future.”

Freshman though junior year is weighed heavier than senior year, so Mustangs need to be sure they are staying on top of schoolwork and their volunteer hours.

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Mustangs are advised not to wait until their junior or senior year to get all their volunteer hours. It is difficult to get all the volunteer hours needed in one year, rather they should spread it out throughout all four years.

The Ranch has lots of volunteer opportunities for Mustangs. Acevedo said, “The best way to get volunteer hours is either through volunteers clubs here at the Ranch or pick one place in the local community to get them and stick with that one place. Volunteer hours are especially important for applying to college, scholarships, and required for the bright future scholarships.”

Acevedo said freshmen need to be sure that they are taking advantage of all the opportunities they can as it will help them in their senior year.