Student activity essential despite pandemic

Cassidy McLellan and Morgan McCabe- Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Even with COVID-19 affecting schedules and attendance, being involved in school activities is still important.

Not only can being involved help distract Mustangs from the pandemic, but it can also help them work towards credits and extracurricular activities for college admission.

The school offers a wide variety of clubs, sports and extra classes that can help Mustangs be more involved.

Playing a sport is a great way to not only be involved at the Ranch but meet new people and exercise.

The website College Coach Insider Blog stated, “Whether a student has been playing a sport since childhood or just discovered it, playing a sport is a great way develop athletic skills, stay in shape, make friends, and potentially cultivate a passion that will carry on through college and beyond.”

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Volleyball player junior Mallory Lloyd explained, “Volleyball has helped me stay involved at the Ranch not only by playing but has also encouraged me to participate in spirit events, interact with different people, and has helped me improve my leadership skills.”

Clubs are another great way to increase participation at the Ranch. The College Coach Insider Blog continued, “Clubs are a great chance for students to try something new or find a club that fits one of their strongest interests.”

Joining the performing arts is another way Mustangs can stay involved and have a chance to express themselves.

Sophomore Carly Gillen stated, “Band has helped me stay positive during this difficult time and provided something to look forward to every week. With more free time available it has allowed me to be able to focus and practice more on my musical skills.”  

Staying active and involved in programs at the Ranch can tremendously help Mustangs through COVID-19 and in life.