Mustang seniors get first privilege of 2020-21

John Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

Senior Maddy Kahler (l) hands out the first senior privilege of the 2020-2021 school year.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Senior Mustangs received their first senior privilege of the year Thursday.

This year, due to COVID-19, the senior privileges are being handed out differently.

Math teacher and Senior Advisory Board (SAB) sponsor Ann Fleury said, “This year to make it safer we won’t be handing out senior privileges in the courtyard like we did in the past. Instead, we are going a drive by style of handing them out of the window of room 572.”

Both staff and Mustangs did their best to make handing out senior privileges as safe as they could.

For their first privilege, seniors received a candy bar, a class of 2021 lanyard and wristband, and a sheet telling them more about senior year and things to come.

“I’ve been excited for senior privileges since seeing the seniors received them in the past years. It’s something cool that only my fellow seniors and I receive,” said senior Gavin Reith.

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Mustang seniors are excited to get senior privilege as it’s like an indicator that shows them that they’re almost done.

“It was very cool to receive something just for our class and interact with the other senior picking theirs up. I’m not really nervous for my senior year and as much as I am excited to see what it offers, I’m honestly just ready to graduate this coming May,” said senior Ashley Pascarella.

Senior Emma Tulio agreed, “It was cool receiving the senior privileges as it shows that we have made it, we made it through the past four years and are now almost done.”

Senior eLearners are permitted to pick up their senior privileges after school on Tuesday, Nov.10.

Student Advisory board (SAB) member senior Julia Raymond said, “We spent a lot of time in SAB getting ready for this first senior privilege. We tried hard to make it something enjoyable while still staying safe. The people who put together the bags were required to wear gloves and masks while putting them together.”

This is just the first of the senior privileges this year and there are more to come.

To see announcements on senior activities, join the remind from the remind code located on Schoology or contact Fleury in room 572 for any further questions.