Mustangs excited to be first-time voters

John Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The 2020 presidential election is coming up and with it is many senior Mustangs are voting for the first time.

“I have already voted for this year’s election; it makes me so beyond excited to be a part of something greater than myself. It’s almost surreal as it always seemed like something I could do far into the future,” said senior Carolina King.

In the US, voting is a right allowed to citizens over the age of 18.

Most voting Mustangs are excited to do so and are taking it very seriously.

“I just turned 18 a few days ago and I’m so happy I was able to vote this year. It makes me feel like I have more power in society and that I’m being treated as an adult,” stated senior John Schroader.

Some Mustang students were only a few months away from voting and very disappointed they could not.

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Senior Ethan Thomas said, “I turn 18 in less than a month and I am not able to vote which is disappointing. Voting would have meant that I could influence the election and change the way this country is run.”

For Mustangs who were not able to vote, they will have to wait four years until the next presidential election for their next chance vote for a president.

Some Mustangs were not that interested in voting in the first place.

Voting this year is a new experience, not just for those voting for the first time but for everyone else. COVID-19 has changed the way Americans vote and has caused newer and safer ways to vote such as mail-in ballots.

“This election has been a crazy one to be a part of, with everything going on in the world with COVID-19 and how separated everyone is. I feel as though this year more than even my vote is important,” said senior Lucy Carr.