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Math teacher Jeffrey Kepple brings interesting experience to the job.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS welcomed many new teachers this year, including math teacher Jeffrey Kepple.  

Kepple is the new math teacher, teaching pre-calculus, geometry honors, and advanced topics.  

In the past, Kepple worked at a nursing home for people from Eastern Europe who fought in World War II or who escaped across the iron curtain during the Cold War.  

Kepple said, “I enjoyed taking care of all those who suffered and were persecuted in the Cold War. It was an experience I will never forget.” 

He lived onsite the whole time, volunteering at the shelter for seven years total.  

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The nursing home gave him shifts to work in the kitchen so he could have spending money. Everything else he did while at the nursing home he did for free. 

Eventually, Kepple felt the need to return to teaching towards the end of last year.  

He started looking for work in Sarasota county, and after looking for jobs in neighboring counties, he saw an open position at the Ranch.  

He said, “I always knew I would return to academia, even though I was out for some while during the Great Recession.” 

Before volunteering at the nursing home, he taught at a university philosophy department. His favorite was European philosophy and political theory from 1500 – 1650.