Emily Fulda- Mustangs Ahead

Blood drives are a successful LRHS tradition.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-Although blood drives are no longer offered on-campus at the LRHS there are still plenty of opportunities for Mustangs to donate blood.

The website One Blood lists all the names, locations, and nearest locations where Mustangs can  donate blood.

LRHS Blood Drive Committee vice-president senior Noah Holz said, “Even though LRHS is not hosting blood drives this year, it is still super important to donate. Donating blood can make a huge difference in our community especially during COVID-19.”

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A common question asked about donating blood is how painful it is.  

Holz, who has donated blood many times, stated that while there is a sharp pain in the beginning, the rest isn’t painful.

Although everyone has different tolerances for pain, Holz stated that the pain is typically mild.

Another frequently asked question is how long the process of giving blood takes.

Donating blood takes around 15-25 minutes.  Many people use this time to go on their phones and drink water (this also helps distract them).

Donating blood can save lives, and many find that they feel happy as they know they have just done something that really makes a difference.