Mackenzie Sisson- Mustangs Ahead

The Lakewood Loves Animals club used art to encourage Mustangs to help last year’s Australia fire victims.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Over the course of 2020 thousands of wildfires raged across Australia, and some LRHS students have been recognized for their efforts to help.

Lakewood Loves Animals (LLA) is an LRHS club that advocates environmental issues and regularly volunteers at local animal shelters.

 Determined to make a difference, LLA partnered with Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, a non-profit organization based in Australia centered around financially assisting animal and environmental issues across the globe.

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LLA’s club advisor math teacher Catherine Franek highlighted some of the actions they took to financially assist their mission to protect Australian wildlife.

“Once we saw what was going on and how tragic it was, our board members created some chalk art around campus to help raise awareness. The drawings featured pictures of koalas and read “Help Australia.” Then we asked teachers if they could collect donations and raised over $900,” she said.

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, Franek received a “thank you” letter from the organization as their way of expressing gratitude towards the club’s strenuous efforts.

“We’re so glad we decided to start this project, and I’m looking forward to our future, hopefully we can stay connected with them,” said Franek.