LRHS Pit Crew lets students help students


Margarita Lopez – Mustangs Ahead

LRHS senior Kaitlyn Gonzalez (l) helps a fellow Mustang.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS has a new elective this year known as the Peer Inclusion Team, or Pit Crew.

This elective is designed to help Mustangs in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program with their schoolwork.

There are currently over 60 Mustangs involved in the course who go to different classrooms and help assist the ESE students.

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Senior Zack Fenimore (r) serve on the LRHS Pit Crew

Peer Inclusion teacher Julie Young said, “I wish I could have accepted all 600 students who signed up for the course but as of right now the program is too small. I plan to grow out the program over time.”

Every member of Pit Crew spends their entire period helping those with disabilities in any way they can.

“I joined Pit Crew because I love to work with kids who need extra help, and it also helps give me a few extra community service hours,” said senior Zach Fenimore.

Senior Autumn Canaday join the Pit Crew this, her first, year at LRHS.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity and encourages you to be open minded and work with different kinds of people. I never really had this opportunity before to work with special needs kids and it’s very rewarding and heartwarming.”

Canaday said the Mustangs she helps seem to appreciate the program, too.

“They get pretty excited,” she said. “They love to talk and to interact. They really seem to like the help with school, too.”