Savannah Else – Mustangs Ahead 

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – COVID-19 has forced a lot of changes at LRHS, and while it’s been hard on everyone, freshmen are trying to adjust to the challenges of not only high school but also new COVID-19 procedures. 

Freshman Mia Vanbuskirk said, “My first week of school was very stressful, especially with the new one-way hallway system. I do appreciate that the school is working to keep us safe I just wish I wouldn’t get so lost.” 

Even without COVID-19, freshmen have plenty to worry about during their first few days of high school such as a new school, new teachers, new deans, and new classmates. 

Combining that with the challenges of being new safety measures such as one-way hallways, masks, and social distancing, it is easy to see why freshman are so overwhelmed.  

Freshman Robert Mahurin stated, “High school has become very stressful ever since the new COVID-19 procedures were put in place, but I am trying my hardest to overcome all of the issues and focus on my schoolwork.” 

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Freshman Joy Vanbuskirk said, “My first few online days were easy, and I thought I was experiencing what high school was like. However, as soon as I came to school, I realized that on-line high school is nothing like real high school.” 

Among the Mustang freshmen there seems to be a lot of mixed emotions. Some say they love on-line high school, others don’t. Some say don’t mind the new high school procedures, but others find them to be very stressful.  

Zalman Bukiet stated, “My first week went very well, most of the new procedures were very confusing. However, I felt very welcomed at my new school.” 

Vanbuskirk added, “Although our first impressions of high school were not great, things seem to be getting better as the day goes on.”