Mallory Lloyd – Mustangs Ahead 

LRHS agriculture students care for livestock, like this steer “Trip,” on campus.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – While COVID-19 has changed many things around LRHS, the nationally-recognized agriculture department is doing everything they can to keep things as normal as possible.  

Mustangs from both the agriculture program and FFA have had to adjust to following the CDC’s guideline while providing the best level of care they can for their animals. 

This includes socially distancing and wearing masks even when in the barn.  

FFA President junior Madison Hartwig said, “We are just glad the school is letting us be flexible and still allowing our program to run. While some guidelines have been added, we are happy to follow those if that means we can stay open.” 

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Mustangs participating in hybrid classes must come before and after school to work with their animals to prevent being in contact with other classes. 

Anyone who is not in an agriculture class or part of FFA is not permitted to be in the barn. 

Currently the Ranch is home to four steers and one beef heifer.  

LRHS is also partnering with Braden River High School (BRHS) in hopes that to produce offspring with their cows and our bull. 

Pigs will soon be arriving at the Ranch, along with cows in the late fall and chickens in the early fall.  

The FFA has also just finished a steer way at the Manatee County Fair and are in the process of planning more events for the future.